Homeowners Guide to Roof Shingle Cleaning (Expert Secrets)

January 18, 2022

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Shingle cleaning should be an integral part of any homeowner’s regular home maintenance checklist, especially when those shingles are older. While most homeowners and even many roofing professionals may not understand the importance of shingle cleaning, it’s actually quite vital to the long-term health of your roof and the safety of those inside your home. In order to help prevent damage from occurring to your roof and enhance the life expectancy of your roof, you should make sure that your roofing contractor is properly trained in maintaining shingle cleanliness levels in accordance with industry standards. Start prolonging the life of your shingle roof with roof cleaning services.

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What are the spots on your roof?

You might be seeing discoloration on your roof and be wondering should I clean my roof shingles? It’s important to identify what you are seeing, so that you can decide whether or not professional cleaning is needed. There are a few common things that can turn your perfectly white tiles a darker shade, and if any of these match up with what you see on your home, then it’s time for professional tile cleaning services.

Moss and algae are some of the most common culprits for tile discoloration. If you notice large green or brown splotches on your roof, it’s likely that these plants have managed to get a hold. In some cases, moss can even take over an entire roof if left unchecked. And once it starts growing, removing it from shingles is much more difficult. The best way to keep moss from taking over your tiles is by cleaning them regularly.

Tree sap is another issue that can get on your roof. Depending on what type of tree you have, it might be normal for them to have sticky patches. But if these spots are causing discoloration and don’t go away after a rain storm, then you may need professional cleaning services.

Do I need to replace my roof?

A professional roof cleaning company like ours can give you a second opinion on whether or not your roof needs replacing, since we have access to better tools than you do, especially in terms of getting up on your roof. Think about it, if you can only see dirt or mildew buildup while standing on your driveway or sidewalk, how could you really tell what was going on all over?

Just because your roof looks fine doesn’t mean that it is. Even if you can see no holes or cracks, your roof may be leaking, you just can’t see where. That’s why we recommend scheduling a checkup. A roof cleaning is much cheaper than a roof replacement. Home Advisor states the average cost to replace a roof is between $5,587 and $11,687.

Roof stains doesn't mean you need to replace your roof. Ask us if cleaning will do! If you can see rust spots on your gutters, leaves or other things that collect on roofs, then it might be time for a professional clean up. As time goes by and as leaves and debris pile up, they stain your shingles. Leaves are a great indicator of shingle wear, but only because leaves get stuck in places where water tends to gather – even if nothing is visibly wrong with your roof from ground level.

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Cleaning process

Most residential roofs are built from asphalt shingles, which typically last 10-15 years. But when they get older than that, a lot of homeowners decide it’s time for new shingles. The thing is, most people don’t realize you can clean your old ones first. Asphalt shingles can be washed down with a pressure washer which means you can sometimes extend their life by cleaning them first.

You should never try to clean a roof without protective equipment, but a lot of people do it anyway because they’re not aware that you can wash shingles with a pressure washer. The problem is, when homeowners do decide to use high-pressure water, it can ruin your shingles and you may end up needing new ones anyway. So if you want to ensure your roof is properly cleaned, call in an expert. They will have all of the tools needed to get everything cleaned off safely so that your shingles don’t wear away prematurely.

Do I need to clean those stains?

Before we get into how to go about roof shingle cleaning, it’s important to know if your roof actually needs cleaning. Should I clean my roof shingles? If you see that stains have formed on your shingles or moss is growing near vents and chimneys, you should have them cleaned professionally by a professional cleaner. Even small issues can lead to major ones later down the road. However, if you only have some minor discoloration here and there, a good power washing will make your roof look just like new again!

If you have discoloration or stains, but aren’t sure if they need cleaning, we suggest calling a roof cleaner. They can come out and have a look and let you know what condition your roof is in before making any suggestions. They may also have some advice on which type of cleaner will work best for your shingles. We recommend using a professional whenever possible because you really don’t want to take any chances with your home!

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Best time of year to clean

The best time of year to clean your roof is during its resting season, which is between March and October. These months provide a good balance of temperature and humidity that helps loosen dirt, mold, moss, mildew and other elements that may have accumulated during previous months. This creates optimal conditions for removal without introducing new issues from extreme heat or moisture.

While many people wait until stains start to form, it's recommended to have your roof cleaned once a year. Regular cleaning prevents dirt from drying and becoming permanent and easier to clean. When moss and mold grow on shingles or other parts of your roof, it can cause structural damage when dry or become discolored if wet. If ignored, these problems can eventually lead to expensive repairs that damage your home's curb appeal and value – both of which are important parts of any homeowner’s investment strategy.

Should I clean my roof shingles? Whether you're in need of an annual cleaning or removing years worth of stain buildup, a roof cleaning company can help improve it as well as every other element on your home’s exterior! Give Tampa Bay Roof Cleaning a call today to get your roof looking new again!

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