Homeowners Guide: Do Metal Roofs Need Cleaning in Tampa? 

July 13, 2022

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When was the last time you scheduled metal roof cleaning in Tampa? If the answer is that you’ve never had a metal roof cleaned, you’re probably not alone! One reason is that many people assume that metal roofs don’t need cleaning, at least not as often as shingles. Two, homeowners often overlook any roof’s condition, perhaps not even noticing dirt and grime piling up.

However, metal roof cleaning in Tampa is a vital investment for any home or commercial structure. Before you go another day or full year without needed cleaning, check out some advantages of roof washing. Then, you can discuss your property’s power washing needs with a professional near you as needed.

metal roof cleaning in Tampa

Do you need Tampa roof washing for metal roofs?

There are many reasons to schedule metal roof cleaning for Tampa homes or businesses. One is that storm debris, grit, and other materials work their way into roof connections and seams. Two, all that debris creates an unsightly appearance and detracts from a property’s curb appeal.

Also, note that mold, moss, algae, and mildew form on roofs in tropical, humid areas quickly! These materials then work their way around metal panels, risking damage. Additionally, removing mold, pollen, dust, and other debris on a structure’s roof means easier breathing when you’re outside.

Note, too, that storm debris holds moisture against a metal roof. Consequently, an unwashed metal roof might soon rust and corrode. That moisture can also work its way underneath flashing and other roof materials or end up in a home’s gutters. Clogged gutters often risk water damage to walls and foundations.

Above all, roof cleaning might expose areas needing repairs. Thick dust and other debris can cover and obscure damaged connections, rust, and other issues. In turn, you might notice needed fixes after a thorough cleaning and schedule repairs before they get worse.

Is it OK to pressure wash a metal roof?

Property owners should never pressure wash a roof themselves no matter its materials. One reason for this is that it’s easy to damage shingles, tiles, flashing, and metal panels. Two, improper pressure washing techniques might allow water through seams and connectors, risking costly damage. Lastly, a property owner might create more splattering and splashing than expected, creating a bigger mess overall!

On the other hand, property owners can and should call a professional power washer when needed. Professionals ensure safe yet thorough cleaning, using techniques that avoid damage. For example, they know to avoid spraying pressurized water near metal seams and connectors.

Additionally, soft wash power washing doesn’t produce messy splashing and splattering. It also won’t dent metal panels, flashing, and other roofing materials. In turn, you’ll enjoy a full-scale clean for your property’s roof without risking added mess or damage.

metal roof needing cleaning in tampa bay

How often should a metal roof be cleaned?

Most property owners find that roof washing every three to five years provides sufficient cleaning for their property. However, you might consider metal roof cleaning in Tampa more often, even annually. One reason for this is that stormy weather often results in thick, damaging debris on roofing materials. Two, mold and other residues might only need a year to start growing and spreading!

Additionally, property owners should schedule roof cleaning as often as needed for their home or commercial structure. For example, do you have an outdoor barbecue that you use often? If so, this might mean layers of unsightly, damaging soot on your property’s roof.

Also, consider annual cleaning if anyone in the family suffers from allergies, breathing disorders, and other sensitivities. Regular roof and exterior wall washing remove irritants and their bothersome odors as well. Moreover, the closer your property is to nearby airports, marinas, or highways, the more soot and dust on that roof! Annual or even semi-annual cleaning ensures an attractive property free of damaging debris. Check out the potential cost of metal roof cleaning in your area.

What kind of maintenance do metal roofs need?

Regular cleaning is a vital part of metal roof maintenance. Also, note that metal roofs often need new painting every 20 years or so. Additionally, a roofing contractor should check flashing and other materials for dents, dings, and damaged connectors. Rusted areas also need patching on occasion; otherwise, a metal roof should stay strong and stable for decades!

Tampa Bay Roof Cleaning is happy to provide this information about metal roof cleaning in Tampa. Hopefully, you found it helpful and useful for maintaining your property’s roof. If it’s time for expert exterior washing, call our Tampa Bay roof cleaning contractors. We offer FREE consultations and price quotes. Additionally, we guarantee customer satisfaction with every project. To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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