Cost Guide to Commercial Pressure Washing in Tampa Bay Area

February 24, 2022

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Regular commercial pressure washing in Tampa ensures a clean property, ready for visitors and staff! Power washing also removes harmful dirt, mud, mold, and other residues, as well as insect nests and grass clippings. Additionally, a thorough washing ensures your signs are clearly visible to potential clients or customers!

However, some commercial property owners might hesitate to schedule this work due to its expected price. To ensure you’re keeping your property clean, note some vital information about Tampa commercial pressure washing costs. You can then know what to expect when you call a power washing contractor near you.

Costs for Commercial Pressure Washing in Tampa, FL

Commercial pressure washing prices are a bit different than residential power washing costs. One reason for this is that commercial properties need different cleaning, such as for drive-through lanes and parking spaces. Two, contractors often find more dirt and grime on commercial buildings, especially production facilities, car repair garages, and the like.

To give you a more exact idea of commercial power washing costs, note some charges you might see in particular:

  • In most cases, you might pay between $.30 and $.75 per square foot for exterior wall cleaning.
  • New construction power washing prices are typically lower, averaging between $.05 and $.30 per square foot.
  • Parking space power washing might average between $8 and $20 per space, depending on levels of dirt and grime.
  • Semi truck pressure washing usually starts at about $67 for small flatbeds and run to $84 or more for large tankers.
  • Addressing stains might mean an added $.35 to $.80 per square foot or a flat $50 to $100 or more.
  • Contractors often charge a flat rate for glass cleaning. Expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $15 or more for cleaning storefront glass and other windows.
  • Basic parking lot cleaning costs usually range from $.05 to $.30 per square foot.

Overall, a commercial property owner might expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 for a thorough power washing.

How Often Should I Schedule Commercial Pressure Washing?

Most property owners find that annual pressure washing offers all the cleaning they need. However, some properties might need more frequent cleaning. For example, the closer you are to the water, the more sand and silt that might coat your property. Additionally, proximity to the water and airport can mean layers of soot and engine residues.

In these cases, you might schedule cleaning twice a year. It’s also helpful to schedule commercial power washing before an open house or other special event. Also, many property owners schedule pressure washing after strong storms move through the area! A thorough power washing removes storm debris from roofs, gutters, and walls, ensuring a clean property.

Can a Commercial Property Owner Manage Power Washing?

Many business owners have maintenance staff on hand, and you might assume they can manage needed power washing. A business owner might even try DIY pressure washing! This can be a costly mistake and end up doing more harm than good. Note a few reasons why you want to leave this work to the professionals:

  • Power washing requires more skill and training than you might realize! One reason for this is that pressure washing equipment has various nozzles and adjustments. Two, there are effective and ineffective ways of cleaning surfaces. To ensure a thorough clean, call on the pros.
  • Getting up on ladders is dangerous in any situation! In turn, trying to manage cumbersome pressure washing equipment on a ladder can mean falls and serious injury.
  • Not all surfaces need detergents and cleansers, while some cleaning chemicals make quick work of removing thick dirt and stains. A commercial power washing contractor will know the right cleansers, if any, needed for the job.
  • Not rinsing cleansers fast enough means streaks and other damage. Additionally, washing on an overly sunny day risks having those cleansers dry on wood and other surfaces. This also risks a sticky residue and other damage.
  • Improper power washing techniques risk costly damage! It’s often easier to etch and dent surfaces than you might realize. Also, power washing can outright shatter glass and shred window screens! To avoid this costly damage, leave this work to the professionals.

Remember, too, that a professional power washing contractor in Tampa knows where to look for dirt and grime on your property. For instance, you might overlook lighting, signage, gutters, and other areas needing cleaning. Instead, call a professional for a full property inspection and quote for needed power washing.

Tampa Bay Roof Cleaning is happy to bring this information about commercial pressure washing in Tampa to our readers. Hopefully it helps you better understand expected costs! If you’re ready for quality power washing on your property, call our Tampa pressure washing contractors. We offer FREE quotes and expert services. So, why wait? Call today to get your property started on the high-quality power washing it deserves.


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