ProClean EcoWash (Patent Pending)

The Alternative to Pressure Washing That's Changing the Industry

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100% Bleach Free

No more dangerous, odorous, and harmful chlorine products. What we use is family-friendly.

Never See Moss Again

Lat's way longer than chlorine based products! Designed to entirely protect your exterior surfaces.
Saving $$$

Reliable Maintenance Plan

Never have to pay for traditional pressure washing again! You only need to see us once a year.

Save the Planet!

10 gals less product is used for a 2,000 square foot of surface area. Less water too! 

EcoWash Qualifications

Although EcoWash works over time, we suggest it as a preventative.

Let's Check Out Your Roof

It could be that we have to apply a one-time chlorine based cleaning to ensure immediate results. Think of a chlorine soft wash as the pre-treatment. It is sometimes required, however, we want to avoid chlorine based products from then on because of the harmful side effects.

Now is the perfect time to get on our EcoWash system, even if you already have moss or mold. If growth is already substantial, don't worries. We'll make sure this is the last time you use chemicals!

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How EcoWash Works

A proven cleaning formula that's changing the industry. 
Step 1.


The EcoWash product is applied and instantly absorbed by the mold upon application.
Step 2.


EcoWash's biostatic technology that destroys mold over time, so be patient. The results are worth it.
Step 3.


A quick and affordable re-application every year protects your home. Never pay for traditional power washing again!

Exterior Cleaning with Peace of Mind

Biostatic cleaning is eco-friendly pressure washing and the safer alternative to bleach and other dangerous chemicals.

ProClean EcoWash - The Simple Solution

The truth is, waiting to clean your home with harsh chemicals is the hardest way to go about it. Not only is it more of a challenge for the pressure washing crew, but it's also more dangerous for everything on your property. Maintenance with EcoWash is the best answer.

Not only does ProClean EcoWash eliminate mold, moss, and other organic growth, but it also keeps it from coming back. In fact, you'll never have to worry about it again!

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Safe and non-toxic. Don't worry about:
Any of your exterior surfaces
Flowers, plants, shrubs, trees
Kids, pets, and people
The reality is -- it's 100% SAFE for everything!


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'"Amazing work that exceeded expectations! Very professional team to work with and provided an affordable price. My roof has never looked this good since the day it was installed. I’ll never use anyone else for pressure washing services!"
Tina T.
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Let Us Answer Your Questions!

How long before I will see the promised results?

EcoWash is a biostatic formula. How long it takes will really depend on the condition of your roof. Request a quote, and we'll assess your property and give you a complimentary estimate!

How does EcoWash activate?

As soon as it's applied the organic matter starts to absorb it as if it were sugar! Over time, the mold is can't reproduce, dies off, and won't grow on that surface for up to a year!

Are there benefits to traditional power washing with EcoWash?

1. Lasts longer
2. Safer
3. More affordable
4. Maintenance plans make it easy!

The list goes on and for the specifics.

Try ProClean EcoWash Now. Nothing Compares!

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