What is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning? (Your Complete Guide)

January 20, 2023

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Soft wash roof cleaning is a great investment for any commercial or residential property. Regular, professional roof washing removes damaging debris and ensures outstanding curb appeal. A thorough washing can also reveal areas needing repairs, allowing you to schedule timely fixes.

However, some property owners might assume that roof cleaning damages shingles and tiles. In truth, improper washing techniques can strip shingle granules and crack brittle tile. However, when a low pressure washing technique called soft washing is utilized, you can be sure your roof will be safe in the hands of professionals. Soft washing is excellent for roof cleaning no matter its material or condition! Find out why that is and how to ensure your property is always clean from the top down.

what is soft wash roof cleaning

What Is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning?

Soft washing starts with specialty cleaners designed to dissolve thick dirt and grime. Contractors apply this cleaner to the roof’s surface and typically let it sit for several minutes. This allows the cleaner to break down all that grime while also loosening caked-on debris.

Additionally, soft washing solution cuts through mold and mildew, killing their roots and spores. It can also help loosen and dissolve algae growth, dust, cobwebs, etc.

Next, your technician uses a low-pressure rinse to remove the cleaner and dirt. Typically, that pressure is not much stronger than a standard garden hose with a squirt nozzle! In turn, the process avoids stripping shingle granules or loosening shingles and tiles. Also, soft washing roofs reduce splattering and splashing on plants below.

Not only is soft wash the best choice for roofs, but it also offers outstanding cleaning for many outdoor surfaces. For instance, soft wash systems won’t chip or splinter wood decks or fences. Additionally, soft washing is excellent for glass, patio pavers, aluminum siding, and brick.

Lastly, consider soft wash systems for gutter cleaning. Those detergents make quick work of cutting through even the thickest dirt, mud, and storm debris. Low-pressure rinsing keeps that debris from splattering over exterior walls as well.

Can You DIY Soft Wash Pressure Washing?

A property owner might be tempted to rent a pressure washing machine and then use low-pressure nozzles for cleaning their property’s roof and other outdoor surfaces. However, DIY soft washing is often ineffective, especially for roofs.

One reason is that a property owner might not have access to correct pressure wash cleaning solutions designed for soft wash roof cleaning. Two, professional contractors know how to reach roof eaves and corners a property owner might overlook.

Also, letting that detergent saturate dirt and grime properly is vital to the soft wash cleaning process. Professionals know how long to let cleansers sit, and how to rinse dirt so that it doesn’t splatter nearby surfaces. They also know how to rinse that detergent thoroughly, to avoid leaving behind dirt and cleansers.

Lastly, note that a technician might still suggest scrubbing or other cleaning methods for various materials around your property. For instance, pool decks might need added cleaning, to remove thick mold and grime. Additionally, scrub brushes can loosen dirt and dust ground into porous concrete surfaces. Their expertise ensures a thorough clean for your property.

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Is Regular Power Washing Dangerous for Roofs?

Standard pressure washing (not soft washing) is often dangerous for roofs no matter their material. First, high-pressure washing can strip granules right off shingles! Second, too much pressure might loosen shingles and tiles or dent flashing. Additionally, power washing can splatter debris sitting in gutters and dislodge gutters from their hangers.

Also, an inexperienced cleaner might let water seep into damaged areas, including cracks and leaks. In turn, that water can reach a structure’s interior. This risks water damage, mold, and other costly issues.

On the other hand, professional soft wasing means low-pressure and low risk washing and rinsing. The pressure used for soft washing doesn’t strip granules or crack tiles. Also, it’s not typically strong enough to dislodge shingles or tiles. Low-pressure rinsing won’t dent flashing or chip brick along a chimney stack.

Additionally, a trained technician ensures safe cleaning. They adjust rinsing pressure as needed and avoid damaged areas. In turn, they avoid letting water seep into a structure’s interior for safe and damage-free cleaning.


after a soft wash roof cleaning

How Often Should You Schedule Soft Washing?

Since soft wash roof cleaning is safe and gentle for various roof materials, a property owner can schedule these services as needed. Most property owners might consider annual cleaning, to remove everyday dust and grime. However, especially filthy roofs and properties might need more frequent washing.

Businesses and Factories

For example, production facilities often mean thick layers of soot and airborne chemicals ending up on area roofs. Also, if you cook outdoors frequently, your home might be coated with soot and ash. In turn, you might consider power washing more than once per year.

Homes Near the Ocean

Also, large beaches can mean airborne sand and silt settling onto nearby roofs and exterior walls. Overgrown trees can also deposit debris onto a roof below. If these describe your property, schedule roof washing as often as necessary!

Before Selling Your Home

Don’t overlook needed pressure washing before putting your property on the market. Expert cleaning ensures that your structure looks its best in marketing pictures. Moreover, a filthy exterior can turn off prospective buyers! On the other hand, a clean exterior might draw those buyers into the interior more readily.

Homeowners with Allergies

Lastly, note that exterior pressure washing removes dust, cobwebs, mold, pollen, chemicals, and pollution residues. Soft wash chemicals also clean away musty smells and other bothersome odors. Consequently, you might schedule this service frequently if you suffer from allergies or similar conditions. Regular power washing can mean easier breathing and a more welcoming outdoor environment!

Tampa Bay Roof Cleaning is happy to help explain more about soft washing to our readers. If you’re ready for expert services on your property, call a Tampa Bay pressure washer. We offer FREE quotes and customized services for every project. Additionally, we always guarantee satisfaction with every job, and our soft wash systems are excellent for roofs! For more information or your no-cost consultation, call us right now! You can also see our past soft washing work.

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